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Science Magazine Did lice help spread the Black Death during the Middle Ages?

Science Magazine Researchers reflect on the death of billionaire science donor Jim Simons and his charitable impact

Science Magazine Elephants know their audience. Watch them greet one another in the wild

Science Magazine All dog noses—whether a pug’s or a bloodhound’s—are created equal

Science Magazine Bacteria is the new black: Scientists create microbes that make self-dyeing textiles

Science News Explores Spiders that fall into water use reflected light to find land

​Science News Here’s how spiders that go overboard use light to find land (& in Jan. 27 2024 print ed.)

The Mercury News Can frog transplants bring an endangered species back from the brink in California?

Eos Ocean Warming Is Wiping Out Southern California’s Mussel Beds

Santa Cruz Sentinel California’s commercial Dungeness crab season delayed yet again

Mongabay Killings of Bornean orangutans could lead to their extinction

Santa Cruz Sentinel Will minimum wage bump help Santa Cruz County’s community health worker shortage?

Santa Cruz Sentinel (& The Mercury News, East Bay Times, Monterey County Herald) NOAA reports over 1 million pieces of trash collected along Monterey Bay shoreline over 4 years

​Santa Cruz Sentinel Santa Cruz celebrates whale skeleton at Seymour Marine Discovery Center

​Santa Cruz Sentinel Santa Cruz: West Cliff Drive repairs underway as winter looms

​Santa Cruz Sentinel Live Oak School District to host Community Wellness Day

​Santa Cruz Sentinel Western Monarch Butterflies Fluttering Back to Santa Cruz

​Santa Cruz Sentinel Surfers brave the rain for Women on Waves contest in Capitola

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