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Mercury Contamination in San Francisco Bay's Watersheds

Diamondback Terrapins

A large part of my work at William & Mary focused on the conservation of the diamondback terrapin. Below, you can view a StoryMap that I created on diamondback terrapin bycatch in blue crab traps.

A poster for the film Accidental Catch
A diamonback terrapin and a BRD

Additional diamondback terrapin work includes two short films (left: poster for Accidental Catch, see Video tab as well) and terrapin graphics (above).

William & Mary Research on Stormwater Ponds

William & Mary researchers analyzed greenhouse gas emissions in stormwater ponds, which I summarized here in StoryMap form.

Promotional & Design Work for William & Mary 

During my years at William & Mary I expanded the outreach and communications capacity of the Environment & Sustainability Program. Some of that work is displayed here.

Top right: "Downstream" newsletter cover page. Below: pages from Downstream.

Above: Graphics from an article on living shorelines. Left: A popular Instagram account that I ran, aimed at a student audience. Below: A one-pager that I created for the department.

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